BOT – An effective way to maximise your profits.
How it works?

A robot is an easy and practical way to trade cryptocurrency. We offer options for you to use on our trading bots, so you can choose the strategies that will help you achieve your goals.

Our bots will help you to get the best results when trading cryptocurrency. By the way, your personal bot will always try to buy at low prices and sell when the market peaks at its highest. You can track the graphics, reports and be more in control.

Analysis of market indicators

Prediction of the market with artificial intelligence

Manual targeting by specialists

24/7 trading

Optimize trading

Trading strategy

Bitchain Robot – Profit of 3000%
100% automated

Our robot has achieved an average profit of 3000% in the last twelve months on its standard profile.
With Bitchain’s robot you EARN money and SAVE time. That’s because the bot will suggest the best move: ideal solutions to find profitable trades even in unstable markets.
An easy and safe way: robots eliminates the chances of potential losses.

No advanced trading knowledge is required, our bot performs all the processes without the need of human interaction with the platform, obtaining excellent results.
Do not worry about the market, models and strategies. Bitchain uses a highly updated database of pre-selected operators and indicators, use our technology to your advantage to increase your assets.

Strategies for higher performance

We use highly reliable indicators to optimize our transactions, our bot performs punctual transactions and achieves a high daily profitability.

We make investments according to the client’s profile, all our investments have a minimum time of six months for withdrawal, so we can guarantee a favorable outcome, not selling low and storing your assets in a stable currency.


Bitchain Exchanges seeks to generate superior return on Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum through investment in highly liquid crypto assets. Trading is fully automated, the allocation is determined by algorithms that seek to maximize return with controlled risk.

Follow the market and trends with our personalized preview just below.

  • No minimum investmen
  • 2 coins (BTC and USDT)
  • 24/7 trading bot
  • 6 months to redeem the investment
  • Fixed rate of 8% on profit
  • Minimum investment 50BTC
  • 3 coins (BTC, ETH, USDT)
  • 24/7 trading bot
  • 12 months to redeem the investment
  • Fixed rate of 5% on profit
  • Minimum investment 100BTC
  • 4 coins (BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT)
  • 24/7 trading bot
  • 12 months to redeem the investment
  • Fixed rate of 2% on profit