The market cryptocurrency

We’ve heard a lot about cryptocurrency nowadays, a market that became very known due to bitcoin and it keeps growing more and more as people are getting interested in this trade. – A way to use your money simple and secure.

Cryptocurrencies are Digital Money, it uses technology to offer security to interested people who wants to buy or sell goods, use services or exchange cryptocurrencies. These transactions can be made with the support of an Exchange – Bitchain has establish a software platform that makes it all easier for the user. Trading is fully automated, and the allocation is determined by algorithms that seek to maximize return with controlled risk.

This market does not involve financial institutions, it is protected by Blockchain technology – it is like a ledger that records all transactions between buyers and sellers. Besides all this, we could say there is some risks. So, it is extremely important to count on a reliable Exchange and group of experts.

Crypto robot trading

Besides an Exchange, a robot could also be a service offered to operate trades automatically for you.  Most automated crypto trading strategies rely on technical analysis, trading indicators and signals. These algorithms are designed to perform the analysis of the market price movement, the robot will sends signals that alert when to buy or sell the underlying asset.

This automated software enables you to trade manually or it can do everything for you, that depends on setting up your robot with the strategies, so it can make the best moves for you.

Types of Crypto Robots: Brokers or Exchanges.

One of the characteristics of crypto robots that we can highlight is the possibility to trade cryptocurrencies 24/7 as long as the market is opened. Here are two types of crypto robots and how they work:
Brokers trade involve real cryptocurrencies: they buy and sell bitcoin focusing on profit in the price margins.  In order to start trading, you will need to open an account, provide some information about you and other details. Then you need to deposit funds and after all, you will be able to start trading.
The second type of Crypto Trading Robot, is an automated trading platform. You can create your own strategies to connect and trade directly from the exchanges. Some of them also offers access to strategies marketplaces – so you can buy a strategy developed by other experiences crypto traders.

Bitchain brings you an easy, simple, transparent and safe way to join the cryptocurrency market. We offer our Exchange and Robot trading services and use different strategies to give you the support you need to start buying, selling and exchanging. We also offer you the Investment Club: where you can learn how to profit and also get tons of benefits, like: yield of 3% a day, no fees and free robot.

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